Mosaic Christian Early Learning Centre’s Educational Program is based on the Early Years National Learning Framework designed for children from 6 weeks to prep. As these first five years are foundational to children’s development and learning, the framework has been established to ensure your child receives a quality education in a nurturing environment. Teachers use the framework in partnership with families to create learning programs that are receptive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities...
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The Early Years Learning Framework enables our educators to monitor your child’s learning progress so they can shape and plan the next steps to support their individual development. Our staff achieve this by both observing and interacting with your child during play, art and craft activities, music and story time. Each child has their own Learning Journal which is accessible at any time to both you and your child...
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We invite parents to contact us to arrange a tour of our Early Learning Centre at a time suitable to all parties. We encourage parents to meet the staff, particularly those working in the room where your child will be enrolled in. This provides an opportunity for parents to discuss any concerns or specific expectations they may have for their child. Enrolment forms are available, and places are assigned according to the Priority of Access Guidelines...
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Here at Mosaic Christian Early Learning Centre our highly qualified team of educators and child care professionals understand that your child’s care and happiness is your top priority. Our dedicated staff are committed to providing high quality, family-oriented child care and early education in a safe and happy environment, where children can thrive and develop confidence in readiness to commence their primary education. Meet the team...
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